Terminal for combined transport

The bayernhafen group invested 3.5 mio. € in the construction of a new state-of-the-art terminal for combined transport. The facility was implemented on the 15.12.2008.

The bimodal terminal guarantees quick handling of containers and swap bodies between rail and road.

The operating company is baymodal Bamberg.

terminal infrastruktur:

  • total area terminal: 21.800 m²
  • queuing area: 3.150 m²
  • loading area: 10.700 m²
  • depot for containers: 5.800 m²
  • 2 loading tracks à 360 m length

handling capacity:

  • 80.000 TEU annually
  • turnover via two reachstackers
  • depot capacity for full and empty containers (1.000 TEU)


  • terminal complies with the latest standards
  • WLAN-coverage makes paperless proccessing in the terminal possible
  • processing of trains is optimized via a break testing facility; aditionally it allows noise emmissions to be kept to a Minimum



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