Information for skippers

port entry:

  • bassin 1 at main-danube channel (MDK)-km 2,10
  • bassin 2 at MDK-km 2,70

safety advice:

  • shallow water in the entrace channel to bassin 1 portside on quay 3 up to 30 m from the bank in the direction of the middle of the bassin (approx. 1.80 m)
  • shallow water in the entrance channel bassin 2 starboard side approx. 20 m from the bank in the direction of the middle of the bassin (approx. 1.70 m depth)

general information:

Ship registration

Ship registration takes place on FM channel 11 or on the telephone on + 49 (0) 9 51 / 9 65 05-22.

Online ship registration is also possible:
logbuch bayernhafen


You can download the user guide for the logbuch bayernhafen here: User Guide logbuch (1,5 MB)


The loading of cars is possible on quay 2 and quay 3.

Charges must be paid.

Drinking water can be taken stored after prior arrangement with the port master at quay 3 on the corner with quay 4.

An electricity supply is possible via prior arrangement from the port master on quays 2, 3, and 4.

disposal of waste:

Bilge water, water containing oil, oil deposits, remnants of flammable liquid fuels or other substances hazardous to water via Fa. Schmidt (Tel: + 49 (0) 9 11 / 7 59 97 50) or the "Bilgenent├Âler 7" (Tel.: + 49 (0) 170 / 8 13 06 08)

For your ship's waste you can receive free rubbish bags courtesy of the port master. Please place the bags, neatly tied up, on the quay streets.

Recyclables (glass/paper) can be handed over at the municipal recycling centre at Rheinstrasse 6.

Bulky items and furniture can be disposed of at garbage incineration site Rheinstrasse 6 (near the recycling centre).

The spray-washing and cleaning of ships is forbidden in the bayernhafen Bamberg.

If dangerous items fall into the harbour water, please inform the port master and water police immediately.

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