1.     Which kinds of companies are allowed to settle down in the port?

Transport-oriented companies with large goods volumes which these companies transport by ship and by rail. Such as, for example, logistics services, handling operations, shipping companies, transport relevant support services (tyre dealers, and petrol stations), wholesale traders, industry and production.

Establishing retail venues, night clubs, fast food stalls and others are forbidden.

2.     Can you buy the real estates in the port?

No. In order to insure an ideal mix of company branches, it is only possible to use real estates under leasing and or heritable building right contracts.

3.     How expensive are the real estates?

That depends on the location, size, type and length of contract. Please ask our real estate department, we will gladly make you an offer.

4.     What are your conditions of heritable building rights?

It functions equivalent to real property in which the land register for heritable building right is entered by a notary only for a restricted time frame. The difference to buying is that no investment in the real estate is required, the interest on building right will paid yearly. With a right to build, other than with a rental contract, a charge on the land can be registered.

5.     Can existing property be rented immediately?

Generally, we only rent area of land, the builings on the plot belongs to the contractual partner and investor. Upon request we can help with the leasing and mediation of existing property.

6.     Do you offer guided tours through the port?

We happily carry out guided tours for which a bus must be provided at your own cost. For guided tours of the port by ship please turn to Kropf's Boat Cruises Bamberg (Fa. Personnenschifffahrt Kropf) Tel: + 49 (0) 9 51 / 2 66 79.

7.     Who does what handling?

Should you have special goods to be handled, then our competent handling company residents will gladly assist you. We will gladly provide you with the appropriate contact.

8.     Where are there railway and shipping connections to?

Line connections with combined traffic between Hamburg/Bremerhaven and Bamberg take place daily. Single wagon freight transport is possible exclusively via the black network of the Deutsche Bahn to and from all destinations.

With regards to shipping there are no regular timetables, but many economic centres along the river channel can be approached. For individual offers, please turn to the specific shipping companies. We will gladly provide you with the appropriate contact.

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