Globalisation und growing volume of goods

Due to globalisation, international division of labour, goods structuring etc., goods volumes have continually increased over the last few years. The largest part of these goods is transported by lorry from the sender to the receiver. Not only traffic jams, noise and an enormous environmental impact are the consequences of this, but one can also expect a decrease in transportation quality.

In the bayernhafen Bamberg, volumes of cargo are growing in order to meet the demand of supplying or disposing of goods.  

Environmental sustainability

Other than a reduction in traffic volumes, in order to stop the gridlock, shifting of particular lines of goods onto alternative means of transport like train and inland shipping is absolutely essential. Without an intact infrastructure this is not possible.

Via our trimodal infrastructure we contribute to a shifting away from the motorways to rail and navigable waterway. Discrimination-free and low cost access to the three modes of transport is guaranteed in the bayernhafen. Every fifth transport in the bayernhafen Bamberg is carried by environmental-friendly means rail or inland shipping. A modal split which is better than the German average.

In 2014, around 26,000 truck rides were substitued.

Moreover, in the port there are recycling companies which separate valuable materials from waste and lead to a re-use of materials.

Economic sustainability

The settlement in the bayernhafen Bamberg are strategically managed according to affinity, in order to create the best mix of company branches from logistics, production and servcie for this specific location. We, as neutral moderators and site architects, initiate and accompany pan-operational activities and lead projects carried out together. Short distances to service industries (tyre service, petrol stations, customs etc.) as well as co-operation partners being direct neighbours, reduce traffic. Besides, resident companies profit from synergy effects and advantages in terms of competition. So, the environmental sustainability becomes apparent, too.

Social sustainability

We are also involved in sustainability belongig to the social sector: we offer our employees training and career development terms, family-friendly arrangements of work regulations (flexible working hours) as well as a company pension scheme. We support university graduates within the scope of the research prize „Grenzenlos“ and help interested parties to discover the port. We administer to charitable organisation instead of handing out Christmas presents and we sponsor the local basketball team Brose Baskets.

A cross-generation concept that is taking off!

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